You want HOW MUCH?!?!

Dear god, Yaesu parts department is insane.

I went to HamCom this weekend. It was fine.. but seemed much smaller than when it was in Plano previously. My goals were:

  1. Talk to the FlexRadio folks about updating since my 6300 was back at version 1.2.?? (current is 1.7.x). I want to get their take on the best approach since VAC/CAT etc has changed a LOT, and I use the connection to Ham Radio Deluxe a ton.
  2. Talk to HRD about the same.
  3. Find a rotator connection for my Yaesu G450a.

How did I do?

  1. Success. I was advised that the best approach would be to delete the helper apps, hold the power button down on the radio to do a full reset and then install the new software. This mostly worked. I still had to do a manual removal and reinstall on the virtual serial port and sound card software.. but the Flex web site had complete tutorials.
  2. Failure. HRD wasn’t there
  3. Failure. I talked to several vendors and folks in the swap meet. The consensus: The connector isn’t available.

But wait.. I talked to a Yaesu rep, and he gave me a card with an email address and phone number. He cautioned me that the part would likely be $30. Ouch. But, I need it.

I sent the folks an email and got a reply today.

Part Number Description Cost Qty NOTES
S8100639 CONNECTOR NJC-207-PF $48.17ea 1 In stk

$50?!?! I guess they have me by the short hairs. Wait.. that NJC-207-PF looks a lot like a manufacturer part number. Google says… bingo!

If you want 20 of them (I was tempted to get them, keep 2 and swap meet the rest) I found a distributor that sells them for $110 (for 20).

I didn’t feel like dealing with that much effort, so I found another place that sells them for $20 (for 1).

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