The Thrill isn’t gone




Wait, is this about ham radio or music?

Yes! 😉

The thrill isn’t gone from my ham hobby. Quite the contrary. I went to a Buddy Guy and BB King concert last night with one of my fellow hams, KA5HMI. He invited me over to check out his shack and assortment of antenna projects he has going on in his HOA-ruled subdivision. He has some very cool uses of camouflaging, pulleys, etc. While I appreciate his ingenuity, I appreciate not having an HOA even more. 🙂

I am looking forward to working the Blacklands Triathlon next Monday morning. The weather should be nice and I’m a lot more experienced and confident in my radio abilities than last year (I worked the event my second week after getting my Technician ticket).

I am also looking forward to the weather continuing to get cooler each day. Pretty soon my garage-based ham shack will move from miserable to bearable and eventually to comfortable… at least for a while until it starts getting too cold. ha!

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