“New” Shack Update

Like everything here, this update is long overdue. I remodeled a spare bedroom around two years ago. I built a custom sit-stand desk from pallet wood, linear actuators and steel. I installed new lighting, flooring, ceiling, crown molding, etc. I bought a new FlexRadio 6300, built a new PC, got dual monitors, configured everything with HRD. I installed a new KIO Hexbeam on the roof, with a G450A rotator, an ERC interface and was all … Continue reading

New shack is almost finished!

I am very excited! I transformed my daughter’s old room, which was yellow, pink and blue, into the nicest room in the house. It is a nice flat grey called ‘Elephant Skin’. I added ‘Ironwood’ laminate floors, white casing, baseboards and crown molding. I even did bead board on the ceiling and added a couple of track lights. No more hot/cold garage. Maybe I will actually get on the radio again! My son appears to … Continue reading

Passing it on

This evening was the monthly PARK (Plano Amateur Radio Klub) meeting. I knew that there would be discussions about the upcoming Blacklands Triathlon, Plano Balloon Festival and more. I also assumed there would be some sort of a ‘technical’ presentation. I also decided to invite my 9-year-old daughter along to the meeting because she has shown enough interest in ham radio to start studying for her Technician license. While it wasn’t the most exciting of … Continue reading