Its been a while

Let’s see… I had to give up on the webmaster role a few months ago. Work just was consuming too much time. I’m glad I stepped down when I did because I ended up getting promoted at work and I have even less time available. I put up a Davis VantageVue weather station a little over a month ago. It hasn’t rained since. Perhaps I should take it down. 😉 I went to HamCom two … Continue reading

What have I done?

My wife says I’ve gone off the deep end. Perhaps she is correct. Why? Well, it seems that the local amateur radio club was in need of a webmaster. I offered. I was elected. Crap. What did I do? 😉 Seriously, I am highly qualified and even have experience setting up and administering the CMS package they use. Andy (WA5UP) has done a great job of getting the new site up and running and almost … Continue reading

Busy busy

Well, it is that time of year! I have had three weekends in a row where I had some volunteer activity going on. There was the Blacklands Triathlon where I was the radio ‘shadow’ for the bike technician. It was a rather uneventful event, so to speak. We only had three flats to deal with this year, and two were for the same guy. Talk about bad luck… or poor maintenance. 😉 Next I helped … Continue reading

Bummed, but excited

The guys from the ‘unofficial’ late risers breakfast group have been planning to carpool to the Gainsville Ham Festival this Saturday. I had reserved my seat with AE5NO Ron to ride in his vehicle, but I found out I will not be able to attend due to an emergency practice exercise the City of Plano is conducting. As part of the local CERT organization I need to help out. It will be a good experience, … Continue reading

Passing it on

This evening was the monthly PARK (Plano Amateur Radio Klub) meeting. I knew that there would be discussions about the upcoming Blacklands Triathlon, Plano Balloon Festival and more. I also assumed there would be some sort of a ‘technical’ presentation. I also decided to invite my 9-year-old daughter along to the meeting because she has shown enough interest in ham radio to start studying for her Technician license. While it wasn’t the most exciting of … Continue reading