“New” Shack Update

Like everything here, this update is long overdue. I remodeled a spare bedroom around two years ago. I built a custom sit-stand desk from pallet wood, linear actuators and steel. I installed new lighting, flooring, ceiling, crown molding, etc. I bought a new FlexRadio 6300, built a new PC, got dual monitors, configured everything with HRD. I installed a new KIO Hexbeam on the roof, with a G450A rotator, an ERC interface and was all ready to rock!

Then… my oldest son moved back in. Being the loving, supportive parents that we are… I gave up my shack. Everything has just been sitting there on the desk.

Recently we have been pushing for him to move back out and get things moving. This as resulted in me trying to get some interest in the hobby again.

So.. here is what I have done in the past few weeks:

  • Patched the ‘new’ PC that has been sitting for about 18 months
  • Installed Windows 10 (was 8.1)
  • Reset the FlexRadio 6300 to factory defaults
  • Uninstalled the software for the virtual sound card and virtual serial ports
  • Uninstalled the old version of the SmartSDR software (1.2.17)
  • Installed new version of SmartSDR (1.7.30)
  • Bought a new connector for the G-450A since I had to pull the antenna off of the roof recently due to hail damage/roof replacement.. time to recable since something was a bit ‘janky’
  • Bought the Gordon West software/book for the new Extra exam.. I’m going to get that sucker this time darn it!
  • Updated the Equipment and Links lists on my blog
  • Made a couple of posts… finally

The next steps:

  • Create a 90 degree flashing to allow my antenna cables to go through the new roof
  • Reinstall the rotator and antenna
  • Re-run the antenna lines and pull new rotor wires
  • Verify tuning and function of antenna
  • Get battery and solar charging working
  • Enjoy field day?
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