Mobile Installation Complete!

It took almost all day, but I’m done installing my Yaesu FT7900R in my 2008 Mazdaspeed 3. I tried to keep it as stealth as possible. Here’s what was involved:

  • Installed Diamond K412S as low as possible to avoid the low clearance in the garage at work. (this was really a K412NMO that I converted to SO239)
  • Installed Diamond SG7500 antenna and aligned three pivot points.
  • Removed hatchback trim panels and pass-through rubber housing.
  • Removed rear headliner retention clips.
  • Removed driver b-column trim.
  • Removed driver seat
  • Removed center console glove box, shifter boot, ash tray, cigarette/airbag seat indicator panel, dash trim and factory radio.
  • Added 1/8″ stereo jack to aux input port inside the console glove box (port isn’t visible.. it is INSIDE the guts of the console).
  • Used dremel tool to machine out a large portion of the ashtray to allow the remote control panel for the radio to fit and allow the door to close.
  • Drilled hole and used utility knife to cut out rectangle for RJ25 jack and made cable to run from mic jack of head unit to back of RJ25 jack. Used silicone adhesive to hold in place.
  • Used snake to pull antenna feed line through headliner to b-column and under carpet.
  • Direct connected power from battery through firewall using 12 GA wire and blade type fuse holder (with 15A fuse in battery box).
  • Mounted FT7900R unit under driver seat and routed all needed cables to unit via dash, console and under carpet.
  • Tested it all out. Thanks AE5SG for coming back to my test on the 180 machine.
  • The nice thing is that audio comes through my stereo speakers by hitting AUX on my stereo head unit. (I do have a very minor ticking sound that seems to correspond with the fuel pump to track down).

This started at 6:30AM and ended at 6:00PM. Did I mention it got up to 103 degrees? Yes, it was hot. Luckily I was in the shade most of the time.

How did it turn out? I think pretty well. Check out some pics from the crappy camera phone:

Back of Mazda / antenna

Back of Mazda / antenna

Antenna mount and cable

Antenna mount and cable

Console - Radio Hidden

Console – Radio Hidden

Console - Radio Visible

Console – Radio Visible

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