What have I done?

My wife says I’ve gone off the deep end. Perhaps she is correct.



Well, it seems that the local amateur radio club was in need of a webmaster. I offered. I was elected. Crap. What did I do? 😉

Seriously, I am highly qualified and even have experience setting up and administering the CMS package they use. Andy (WA5UP) has done a great job of getting the new site up and running and almost all of the configuration done. If hadn’t poured so much time into getting the site into it’s current state, I would not have considered taking on the webmaster position.

I am looking forward to helping out the club and it also affords me the opportunity to share a slightly different viewpoint as a board member. I’m a ‘newbie’. I embrace new technologies, if they have a practical purpose, with open arms. Hopefully I can add value that will help attract new members from similar backgrounds.

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