Field Day 2011

Well, Field Day has come and gone. It was much as I expected: Too much sun Good eats Learning Too little sleep Lots of friendship Too few operating stations Interference from our own stations A good time all around And here are a couple of pics. Sorry.. they are of me. 😉 Continue reading

Mobile Installation Complete!

It took almost all day, but I’m done installing my Yaesu FT7900R in my 2008 Mazdaspeed 3. I tried to keep it as stealth as possible. Here’s what was involved: Installed Diamond K412S as low as possible to avoid the low clearance in the garage at work. (this was really a K412NMO that I converted to SO239) Installed Diamond SG7500 antenna and aligned three pivot points. Removed hatchback trim panels and pass-through rubber housing. Removed … Continue reading