The Thrill isn’t gone

    Wait, is this about ham radio or music? Yes! 😉 The thrill isn’t gone from my ham hobby. Quite the contrary. I went to a Buddy Guy and BB King concert last night with one of my fellow hams, KA5HMI. He invited me over to check out his shack and assortment of antenna projects he has going on in his HOA-ruled subdivision. He has some very cool uses of camouflaging, pulleys, etc. While … Continue reading

Bummed, but excited

The guys from the ‘unofficial’ late risers breakfast group have been planning to carpool to the Gainsville Ham Festival this Saturday. I had reserved my seat with AE5NO Ron to ride in his vehicle, but I found out I will not be able to attend due to an emergency practice exercise the City of Plano is conducting. As part of the local CERT organization I need to help out. It will be a good experience, … Continue reading

Passing it on

This evening was the monthly PARK (Plano Amateur Radio Klub) meeting. I knew that there would be discussions about the upcoming Blacklands Triathlon, Plano Balloon Festival and more. I also assumed there would be some sort of a ‘technical’ presentation. I also decided to invite my 9-year-old daughter along to the meeting because she has shown enough interest in ham radio to start studying for her Technician license. While it wasn’t the most exciting of … Continue reading

I’m back…

I decided to set up a simple site using Google Sites rather than installing Drupal or Joomla on my server, or trying to find another free host again. While this doesn’t offer me the flexibility I am used to having, it is also easier to maintain and I can be sure that it won’t disappear when either the free host decides I have not logged in in too long of a time, or when they … Continue reading